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Song of Songs

"The subject is pleasing, and therefore fit to be treated of in a song, in singing which we may make melody with our hearts unto the Lord. It is evangelical and gospel-times should be times of joy, for gospel-grace puts a new song into our mouths. It is the song of songs, a most excellent song, not only above any human composition, or above all other songs which Solomon penned, but even above any other of the scripture-songs, as having more of Christ in it. It is not the song of fools, as many of the songs of love are, but the song of the wisest of men; nor can any man give a better proof of his wisdom than to celebrate the love of God to mankind and to excite his own love to God and that of others with it." - Matthew Henry

June 18, 2017

Draw me after you

Preacher: Jason Shelton Series: Song of Songs Passage: Song of Solomon 1:1-14, Matthew 13:44